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Timor Oriental , Monday 16 September 2019

News Timor Oriental » Health: These are the three Birmingham billionaires added to the Rich List 2018 - who are they?

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Publicated on: uesday 27 November 2018

His business interests range from planning companies which have played a big part in the rapid expansion of China's cities, to tourism, finance, logistics, IT, health, agriculture ... Australia, East ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: Contents 2001

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Publicated on: Sunday 30 December 2001

59) Bertrand Levrat, Le droit international humanitaire au Timor oriental : entre théorie et pratique (no ... 1097) Victor de Currea-Lugo, Protecting the health sector in Colombia: A step. to make the ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: Shrestha rules at JKS Cup

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Publicated on: hursday 26 April 2018

Winners U12 Master Champ: Saabri Rahman (Al Ainawi Karate Centre, Al Ain) U14 Miss Champ: Shivani TK (Al Ainawi Karate Centre, Al Ain) U12 Miss Champ: Dana Yousuf (Oriental Karate Centre, Abu Dhabi) ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: Rice and Circus in East Timor

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Publicated on: Sunday 10 August 2008

Since coming to power in September 2007, the new Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) government of East Timor has made rice a central instrument ... To this end, in late 2007 the government signed a ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: East Timor country profile

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Publicated on: Sunday 25 February 2018

Francisco Guterres was sworn in as president of East Timor in May 2017, pledging to boost health and education. Commonly known as "Lu Olo", Mr Guterres leads the centre-left Fretilin party and is a ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: IAAF/Nestlé Kids’ Athletics Programme developing fast

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Publicated on: onday 23 April 2012

Les douze pays représentés étaient l'Afghanistan, le Bangladesh, le Cambodge, l'Indonésie, l'Iran, la Malaisie, les Maldives, Myanmar, le Pakistan, Singapour, le Sri Lanka et le Timor oriental. À date ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: 'Twenty villagers were shot while they were sleeping'

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Publicated on: Sunday 31 December 2000

They were shot while they were sleeping ... postgraduate student at London's School of Oriental and African Studies said yesterday as he recovered in Atambua, the nearest town over the border in West ...

News Timor Oriental » Health: East Timor to hold elections in March

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Publicated on: Friday 13 January 2012

East Timor will hold its second presidential election as an independent nation on March 17, president Jose Ramos-Horta said on Friday, as UN peacekeepers prepare to pull out of the once-restive ...